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Engenext provides a variety of services to cater to your needs

Engineering Solution Consulting

  • Engineering companies often have systems developed in parts. Main reasons being extended development timelines, multiple vendors, prolonged need-based approach or lack of all-encompassing vision

  • Engenext brings in expertise to analyze existing processes and design systems, propose new process and supporting system architecture

  • Engenext also actively participates and supports in development of such systems

  • Engenext implements methodic approach to address such challenging tasks

Engineering and Business Process Integration

  • Organizations have both engineering and business processes in place, but are disconnected because of different goals or different owner departments

  • Engenext tries to understand the whole picture and proposes suitable solutions

Intellectual Property Capture

  • Sometimes, engineering companies have most of the design systems in place, but important bridges may be missing. They may be in form of connection between two systems or translation, automation or specialization. Engenext builds such bridges with an aim to make the whole system seamless

  • Design engineers may have envisioned a concept that is yet to be realized. Engenext helps realize visions through brain-storming, innovation and quick implementation